Below is a basic outline of the services we can provide your business. Please note that some of this information can be a bit technical and sound very intimating. Call us at (972) 351-7666 for a personal walk-through of our services in which you can ask us any questions.

Search Engine Optimization/Marketing:

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website within search engines such as Google. For the last 8 years we have provided this service to companies in many different industries. We know precisely which keywords people are searching for in Google and can rank your site on the first page so that you can convert them into customers. We have been able to achieve first page rankings across highly competitive keywords in the finance, health care and the automotive sector.

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns:

Pay Per Click is a process in which you can pay the search engine(Google/Yahoo/MSN) to be placed at the very top of the results for a specific keyword such as "equipment financing". Based on the number of clicks you receive, you will be billed the amount you bid for that specific keyword. We have pay per click accounts with all the search engines mentioned above and have been providing this type of service for over 8 years. We have the ability to identify hundreds of different keywords related to your business and pay the minimal amount in order to obtain traffic from them.

Social Media/Viral Marketing:

With the rising popularity of Facebook and Twitter, there are some businesses that can benefit greatly by advertising on social media sites. We have developed a social media campaign for product based companies. Our understanding of the complexities of search engines allows us to use a variety to tools such as press releases, Youtube and targeted radio advertising in order to generate buzz about your product.

Web Development:

Although not a primary focus, we have the ability to develop websites completely from scratch. We can produce simple static HTML based websites to fully customized database sites utilizing PHP/MySQL.

Now that you have a general outline of the services we offer, please email us at with any questions or concerns you have.